I created a kids ride!

Turns out kids like VR. Who knew? So 8 days after the Cycling and Running show in Glasgow I’ve finally recovered enough to make this post. In summary it was 3 days of back to back CycleVR demos. We had a queue of peopleĀ around the stand!

One of the biggest groups was children, they loved it. If parents can’t work out how to keep their kids fit I just might have a solution šŸ™‚ On the day riders had a choice of cycling St Andrews, Rome, New York, San Francisco, Monaco or New Zealand.

I met loads of really niceĀ people and had a great time. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more of this sort of thing soon.

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We have a winner!

And if you’ve not received an email from me…. it wasn’t you. Bah! Anyway I’d still love to see you at the show next weekend so please come along if you’re interested and you can have a go. Also I’ve got multiplayer working so if you bring a friend you can cycle with them in the same VR experience. It’s the future!


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CycleVR on tour!

Hey everyone! I think I’ve just about recovered from the media storm after finishing my LEJOG journey. Crazy times but lots of fun. So now I’m taking CycleVR on tour!

Very soon the Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show will be happening at the SEC in Glasgow and I’m going to have a stand there with 2 vr bikes you can ride! I’m so excited. You can find out more about the show here www.scrops.co.uk

It’s a 3 day event running from the 10th-12th March and costs Ā£5-Ā£10 per adult if you buy tickets online. BUT! I’ve got 2 free tickets to give away. BAM! So if you want to come and try out CycleVR for yourself, and you hate paying money for things, send me an email to aaron@cyclevr.com. You might get lucky! I’m picking the winner at random (and will announce who it is on the blog) on the 3rd March.Ā Oh and make sure you can actually make it to the show before emailingĀ šŸ™‚

Free free free!

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LAST DAY! LAST DAY! LAST DAY! I’m excited, can you tell? And even more exciting I had the BBC in my living room to film the last 5 minutes as I got to John O Groats. How strange is that?!! To celebrate finishing this crazy journey I’ve put a couple of new videos up on the front page of the blog. Also make sure you send me suggestions about where to go next šŸ™‚ Thanks everyone!

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One day left! One day left! What an incredible feeling! I almost want to just keep going to the end because I’m running on adrenaline. Also I passed through the diminutive Castletown with it’s 1 hotel.

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Two days left! It’s a very strange feeling thinking this journey is about to end. Also Thurso was my town of interest today. I’ve stayed there once before. Seems nice enough but a little treeless and windswept.

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Only 3 days left. So very close, I can taste the victory already. It’s almond flavoured. Also I passed through Halkirk, a fairly featureless village.

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Sigh. One of the most boring sessions I’ve had for a while. Nothing to really see here unless you like heather.

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After an overly long Christmas break I’m back! …my legs feel so weak… I passed through Dunbeath today and saw a few nice things which I’ve put into my photo album. You should look at it. Go on.

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Rugged. That’s how I’d describe the countryside. Hairpin bends and sheer cliffs was what happened today. Also I passed through the lovely little Berriedale.

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