Here’s some things I’ve seen along my journey. Click the pics to embiggen.

HappyHay.png HorseCart.png

Happy Hay!

SillyWalk RainDrops

Ministry of Silly Walks


Pyjamas and wellies!

Before After

Pic 1 is on one side of town. Pic 2 is on the other side. It’s a mystery!

 Flowers Sinkhole

Thatched MadCows

Oh NyneheadHollow

Ferris Maze

Clifton TudorGarage

Balls Minge

Lambo SafeOrDangerous

Porsche AnyMinuteNow

Birdy ManHole

CarefulNow Wagons

Horses UnderBridge

FlowerHouse OldCar

SkyLeaf HorseCart

LonelyBike Rabbits

PartyHouse Scotland

Clamped olde2

littleredvan scottmonument

fight forthrail

sleepy blairathollcastle

cutecar ruthvenbarracks

roadkill meepmeep

bigandlittle itsasign

carnliath forsale

lastfuel wagonwheels

oldgarage hairycoos

lovehouse hedgehouse