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11th October 2016 at 7:25 am #937


Hi, I’ve got some remarks to your logo-poll. Unfortunately I’m not very happy with all of the logos. Well, there are some nice one (#296 by Pi Piez), but they doesn’t relfect your key values cycling and vr.

Some of them maybe fits slightly thematicaly, but they are to detaild.

If you want a graphical logo it has to be:
– very simple
– has to look good in very small und very big size
– has to visualize your key values (I assume cycling AND vr)

So lets take a look at the logos:

#180: The icon is similar to #296, but look way more old fashioned.

#291: Is to flashy. Looks like the logo for a marvel hero. No connection to your topic.

#296: Is simple and clear. Nearly modern style. That’s good. But the icon could also fit for a navigation app. Just take the icon without the text an ask someone, what does he think it is for.

#310: Maybe the only one with a slight relation to vr if you interpret the oval as an vr-goggle. But a little bit too detailed.

#335: Nice logo… for a slot car company. No connection to your topic.

#162: Like the style but it look too much like a road sign. It is also a little bit to detailed and has no connetion to vr

#209: Too detailed. You’ll never be able to print it an a biro for example.

#305: Also too detailed.

As a designer I’ve got some advices for you :-).

1: Look if the logo speaks for itself without the text. Ask people what it may stand for, without telling them, that it is for a vr-cycling app. For that you can just print them out and walk to the next gym or coffeeshop. It’s faster as an internet poll and you#ll get a direct feedback.

2: See, if you can print or the display the logo in very small sizes like on a biro or as an icon on the screen of a small smartphone

3: Don’t make a democratic election to choose the logo. The tought of other people are nice to know, but in the end it is your product. Everytime in my carreer as a designer it went horribly wrong when too many people were envolved in the final decision :-).

Hope, that this will help you a little bit :-).

Bye, Olli

11th October 2016 at 11:45 am #938


As always, you’ve written a very well considered and logical series of arguments for this. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said however some I feel differently about.

Point 1 I don’t think the logo HAS to say much about the product, as long as it’s not misleading. Almost any big name logo (Coke, McDonalds, Starbucks) you look at doesn’t tell you much. It’s also very difficult to make a simple icon that encompasses cycling and vr. Of course it’s nice if the logo CAN tell you more about the product but I had loads of variations in the competition that tried and they all came out too complicated, too meaningless or just too unappealing.

Point 3 I would agree to some extent but I want to involve everyone. And in the end I’m using the poll as advisory only. It will still be my decision.

Something else to bear in mind is once I’ve chosen a winner there’s still time for them to alter and tweak the final design.

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