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24th October 2016 at 3:15 pm #970


As mentioned in Pricing Scheme by Edouard:

“I think there needs to be incentives for completing routes. When you complete a route, you’d get a badge that you could share on social media saying “I biked from x to y in CycleVR!” with an actual badge.

Those badges would appear in a book that has silhouettes of all the badges you can get. The book part is quite important as people like to complete stuff and a book with empty slots just begs to be completed. Plus you could maybe see the badges get filled up as you complete the routes.

Also a leaderboard would be great! Have them for how much you’ve biked (distance), how many routes you’ve completed, and how much time you took on a route, also putting a percentage of how high at the top you are for each of those categories. It would push people to be completionists and being a completionist in a game is kinda neat, but here it’d be kind of being a completionist of the real world, which would carry so much more weight to it!”


My idea is you could take this into the fitness industry as well as the app industry. If I understand correctly the Cycle VR comes with the Gear VR and a pedal counter?

However, I can potentially see this (I’m not quite sure how yet) expanded to track the elevation and integrate that with the resistance on the pedals on the exercise bike. So you simulate when you go up hills etc.

From my understanding there are loads of exercise bikes all with a variety of ways to change resistance etc. for the ones with computers, I doubt they would be connectable to an android device. You’d probably have to talk to an exercise bike manufacturer (I remember there is a tour de france type exercise bike which does this without the VR bit – it is very expensive though!). This idea is fresh in my head, so it is a bit messy at the minute.

But for a proof of concept, I suppose you could get an Arduino and connect it to a motor and two ‘arms’ that would press the up resistance and down resistance on the exercise bike according to the elevation in google maps on the GearVR (connected over Wifi).

You could then set challenges, difficult mountain routes, I suppose even virtual races if you connected with other users online.

This is years away, and like crazy! I definitely don’t think this would be a good idea for this Kickstarter campaign. But you know, if things go well, maybe future ones?

26th October 2016 at 1:28 pm #980


Yes the gamification stuff you quoted Edouard on I totally dig. I’m a gamer myself and all that stuff really drives you to want to reach objectives and play against/with your friends.

This is also something the CycleVR service could constantly contribute to as well so new challenges could be opened up all the time.

Perhaps it could monitor your performance and only offer challenges that seem appropriate to you (not everyone wants to be threatened with cycling across Britain).

Once a community is available it might be possible for the public to come up with their own challenges and submit them for everyone else to try.

As far as the hardware suggestion you’ve made, yes this would be a good thing but like you say a significantly harder thing to realise. I would definitely consider this once the Kickstarter campaign was successful and I could prove that a real market existed.

Your idea of setting challenges of different routes and racing online with others can be realised immediately, but everyone just needs to accept that each rider has a different bike with different resistances set so it wouldn’t be truly fair. But that would still be fun!

Any other kinds of game modes or challenges anyone can think of? I had an idea where it was like the old arcade game Qix and you could ‘fill in’ areas of a map by cycling around it and it became yours.

27th October 2016 at 3:08 pm #983


I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard or played a game called Euro Truck Simulator on Steam but the way they implement achievements is quite a good idea and I think would work similarly for your CycleVR.

For example you could set various distance levels to earn different achievements such as “Cycle 10 miles” etc or a cumulative achievement of cycling 100 miles or even 1000 miles and then getting a special badge for that.

If you were thinking of making routes available worldwide then you could easily add achievements for discovering certain places or cycling through various countries capital cities.

Another thing that could be good is that as you cycle you unlock that area of the map for future use, this could be useful for those that don’t want to pay a subscription, whereby if they cycle say a 10 mile route then they can keep that section forever. This would encourage people to cycle further to unlock more of the map.

Maybe every so often you could run competitions to do big routes or real-world cycle race events and the first to complete it or do it in the fastest time etc would get a special prize.

I think the idea of doing real-world cycle races/events in the game would also be great for multiplayer, people could even do a huge mass bike ride online at the same time.

28th October 2016 at 12:34 pm #986


“achievements for discovering certain places”. I really like this idea. “You’ve discovered the Pyramids of Giza. Have a medal”. Collect all the wonders of the world.

I also like “unlock that area of the map”. I don’t know if you’re from or familiar with Britain but it’s broken up into a number of counties which could have an unlock feature added to it.

Hide and seek might be an interesting game to play. Not quite sure how that would work.

30th November 2016 at 3:01 am #1025


First off, the wole thing is genius if you ask me!

Love the above idea of collecting badges/medals for certain achievements i.e. 10, 50, 100 miles/km etc etc as it encourages continued use.

Please excuse me if my suggestions are off base as I’m not very well versed in app technology so I’m not sure what is/isn’t possible.

In games like GTA, there are 100 hidden packages randomly placed for you to find throughout the game. Only you know where they all are – until people start sharing cheats/walkthroughs online – but you tell us how many there are. It would be cool if you could collect them near landmarks and have a leaderboard for who has found the most. You could even let people buy clues/hints to the location similar to puzzle apps. No prizes or incentives other than collecting them all – just a “side mission”.

Also, you could maybe split into a pre determined route mode and a free ride mode if that is possible? Or with the technology, can you only ride from A to B as opposed to riding aimlessly around a city centre for example?

30th November 2016 at 7:56 am #1028


“100 hidden packages randomly placed for you to find ”
What a brilliant idea! I love the idea of everybody joining in with an enormous treasure hunt. Almost like Pokemon Go or Geocaching. There might need to be some kind of map that showed where people have been so far.

Free ride mode should be possible and I plan on adding that at some point. The rider would need some sort of input device to change course, like the one bundled with the new Google Daydream.

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