08/05/2016 First run went smoothly. No noticeable nausea. Some goggle fogging at various points. Quite puffed after no exercise for so long. I didn’t look at where I would be travelling to before hand so couldn’t describe the road or direction I was travelling in. I’ll need to research each leg in future.

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  1. denkicolin says:

    Way to go Puzey! This actually makes strangely compelling viewing you know… 🙂

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  3. Rich says:

    this is fab I have thought about this kind of thing myself but I don’t have the chops to make it, two questions :-
    1 – Are you planning on making this someone can download and use? As the idea is amazing get fit and discover parts of your country you have never seen.
    2 – from your perspective how does it feel with the distortion and the jump from sphere does your brain get used to it and it feels like cycling and looking or does it always feel gimicky

    • Thanks!
      1 – If I can find the right partners to work with I’m hoping to turn this into a commercial product once I’m finished.
      2 – It feels a bit strange at first. The jumping from one panorama to the next can be a bit discontinuous like I’ve just teleported to a different place (those white boxes really help combat that actually) but after a few minutes it becomes my new ‘normal’ and I don’t really notice the jumping.

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